Can it be done? If this is the question your business is asking, it’s time for strategic design to unleash those big ideas. You’ll need the right partner to build systems and manage processes that will give you the edge in your industry and improve your business results. BIGBrave’s Design Thinking approach will make sure the answer is a resounding “Yes, it can be done!” We like to say, “If it’s not a HELL YES! It’s a HELL NO.”

Develop a Strategy

We use the Design Thinking process to craft brands and identities that help companies stand out in the new digital world, through intentional focus of what is desirable, feasible and viable. Communicating to your audience in the cluttered digital world requires a design focus that is clear and intentional.

Digital Growth Strategy

Business Model Innovation

Emerging Technology Strategy


Let’s shape your future

Staying relevant and forward-thinking, paramount in today’s fast-paced world, is a challenge worth tackling. When you understand the needs, trends and technologies of the future you can create new growth. Through thoughtful design and alignment to your business strategy we are able to solve challenges using an Agile workflow that is engaging, innovative and easy-to-follow every step of the way. Our design thinking approach is focused on solving real problems for real people so that every product or experience you want to create fits perfectly in the digital world we are building together.

Inspiration Workshop


30 min

Not sure where to start? An inspiration workshop is designed to remove any unstructured conversation and highlight positives and challenges that will allow you to course correct quickly, filling your sails with new winds and getting you moving towards your goals.

Lightning Decision Jam


45 min

Lightning Decision Jams are an interactive team exercise we use that provide an easy way to make faster decisions and find quick, clear direction. Allows you to replace hours of back and forth discussion with a clear decision making process.

Insights Workshop


5 hrs

We have found that by better understanding our clients requirements and objectives around a specific project we are able to advise on better ways of working around the technology to use and the processes to follow. Not every client or solution is the same and we know the least about the project on the first meeting with the client, the insights workshop helps to identify all of these requirements better. The insights workshops are 4 - 5 hour paid workshops of up to 12 people that align all relevant stakeholders and provide a clearer outline of what is required to move forward and sets some high level opportunities and project milestones.

Design Dashes & Sprints


1-5 days

Design Dashes & Sprints are designed to guide teams to make key decisions quickly, saving a lof of execution time... It really helps to get a glimpse into the future, the sooner you can do this, the better we can plan required effort over time to leverage every value opportunity along the journey to the success.

Our Expertise