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The “My Forest Campaign” is a project that we hold very close to our hearts. Why?

The Cape Parrot (or more scientifically known as Poicephalus robustus) is more than just a bird; it's a symbol of South Africa's rich biodiversity. Sadly, with just about 2000 of these magnificent creatures left in the wild, it's a symbol that's vanishing. The primary threat? The degradation of indigenous Afromontane forests, their natural habitat.

For over a decade, the Cape Parrot Project (CPP) has taken strides to reverse this decline. The mission is clear: Saving the Cape Parrot means saving the forest it calls home, a sanctuary that encompasses the irreplaceable Yellowwood tree and intricate Afromontane ecosystems.

In order to make this campaign more visible and to gain more support from fellow South Africans, Wild Bird approached BIGBrave to join forces.



To wake up the collective conscience of every South African citizen. The campaign aims not just to inform but to move people, making the restoration of these forest ecosystems a personal commitment. The ultimate goal? To spur ongoing financial contributions through monthly subscriptions.


  • Awareness Building: The Cape Parrot, honoured as the Bird of the Year, serves as a focal point to raise public awareness.
  • National Heritage Ownership: Make every South African feel a personal connection to the Cape Parrot as part of their national heritage.
  • Heart-String Tugs for Funding: Tell compelling stories that touch people's hearts, making them realise the urgency to act.
  • Ecological Patriotism: Highlight how forest restoration goes beyond saving a single species; it enriches the whole country's natural ecosystems.



  • A campaign concept that’s emotionally compelling.
  • A user-friendly online platform for the campaign.
  • Simple, yet effective, steps to guide potential donors.
  • A distinct and emotionally resonant creative look and messaging style.



We were honoured to say the least to help with such a noble cause and got immediately stuck into making this campaign a successful reality. This is what we were able to create:

  • Crafting a Brand in Harmony with Nature Incorporated into the broader WBT (Wild Bird Trust) ecosystem, the MyForest brand identity was meticulously crafted to resonate with both the urgent cause and to hit home in the hearts and minds of the target audience.

  • An Interactive Donor Experience We developed an intuitive website, complete with a payment gateway, to make the donation process as seamless as possible. A real-time donation tracker on the website serves to keep the public informed and engaged.

  • Driving Engagement Through Visual Storytelling A professionally produced hype video became the emotional centrepiece of the social media strategy, aiming to transform passive scrollers into active donors.


I find working with the BB team amazing! They are always available and have integrated into our marketing team so seamlessly that we feel as though they are one of us. They are dynamic and driven to get the best, most visually appealing work out in a user-friendly style, always taking the target market into consideration.

- Ruksha Maharaj Marketing and Comms Director: Wild Bird Trust



Does this tug at your heartstrings as much as it does ours? Then get involved! By joining forces today, we can ensure that the song of the Cape Parrot isn’t lost forever. The forest calls, and it’s our collective duty to answer.

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