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Fruit-Full 3 has been crowned the Best Gaming Solution App at the prestigious MTN App of the Year Awards! This recognition from MTN is not just a win for us, but a testament to our commitment to creating engaging, educational, and empowering digital experiences.


The Story


An Orchard of Possibilities

Tru-Cape, a wholesome and well-loved fruit producer and distributor in South Africa, approached us with a spark in their eyes and an inquisitive vision as vast as their orchards: "Can we connect our consumers to the beauty and process of farming in the digital realm?" And we said, "Hell yes we can! Let's make it happen!". And so a very fruit-full journey began.



A Game with a Mission

Here was our exciting challenge: How do we nurture the knowledge of apple and pear farming through interactive fun? Well, by crafting a mobile game that's not only enjoyable to play but also acts as a fountain of knowledge about agriculture of course! Our aim? To turn players into informed consumers, one tap at a time.



From soil to screen, we embarked on an incredible journey that included 3 main phases:

  • Discovery: Our journey started with boots on the ground – literally! We visited Tru-Cape's farms to soak in every detail of apple and pear farming.
  • Creation: Armed with insights, we designed Fruit-Full. It's not just a game; it's a window into the world of sustainable farming, wrapped in layers of fun.
  • Expansion: We didn't stop at the game. We spread the joy across various media – websites, social channels, print, and even a TV game show!



Introducing Fruit-Full, where gaming transcends to an enriching journey, blending creativity and purpose! It's not just a game; it's an educational adventure where players of all ages immerse themselves in running a virtual Tru-Cape apple and pear farm, gaining insights into farming, resource management, and logistics. Alongside Farmer James and other charming characters, they're empowered to make decisions, from planting crops and making recipes, to managing transport and logistics. Fruit-Full has even evolved into a TV game show and an active online social media community. This game is more than entertainment; it's a catalyst for healthier eating habits, proving that a game can indeed influence lives positively, one fruit at a time!

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Seeds of Success

Here are some key features that ensured the game's success:

  • Playability: We made Fruit-Full a breeze to play. It’s like having a farming mentor in your pocket, guiding you through the ins and outs of sustainable agriculture.

  • Engagement: Through Fruit-Full, Tru-Cape didn't just talk to their audience; they connected with them, sparking conversations about healthy eating and eco-friendly living. The app also provides transparency and a clear window into the Tru-Cape brand, driving meaningful engagement around what it takes to run a successful apple and pear farm.

  • Cross-Media Harmony: While not directly monetised, the app significantly impacts brand promotion, education, and awareness, providing a unique channel for Tru-Cape to engage with consumers and encourage healthier dietary choices.

  • Awards & Recognition: Guess what? Fruit-Full 3 shone bright in the Apple App Store during Africa Day 2023. How awesome is that? But wait… That’s not all! It also won MTN's Gaming Solution App 2023 Award!

So as you can see, the Fruit-Full project is more than just another case study; it's a story of passion, innovation, and the power of play. At BIGBrave, we're not just developers; we're dreamers, creators, and most importantly, believers in the power of strategic design to make a difference. Here’s to more adventures, more learning, and more fruitful successes!

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