Here are 13 steps that I use that will help you to turn that excitement into actionable steps towards your goals:

1. Give your excitement the space it deserves.

Allow yourself to dream and let those dreams grow in your mind.

2. Grab a pen and paper and start jotting down your ideas.

Don't worry about making it perfect, just get your thoughts down on paper or whatever works for you.

3. Explore the possibilities of what achieving those goals will mean to you.

What will your life look like? How will you feel? What impact will it have on others?

4. Take stock of where you are right now.

Know where you are and start planning what you need to do to get on the journey to achieving your future dreams.

5. Share your ideas with others.

Listen to their thoughts, ideas, encouragements and suggestions. Collaborating with others can help you gain new perspectives and ideas.

6. Question the way forward.

Seek advice from people who have done something similar before you, or with people you trust. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

7. Trust yourself.

You've weighed it all up, you've explored it, and you understand it. Now it's time to plan.

8. Break down your plan into bite-sized chunks.

Give yourself timelines and milestones to work towards.

9. Take action.

A plan not acted upon is as useful as a chocolate fireplace. Start taking steps towards your goals, even if they're small.

10. Measure your progress.

Keep track of how far you've come and celebrate your achievements along the way.

11. Course correct if necessary.

It's your dream, your actions, and your decision regarding what to focus on when and where.

12. Reflect on what you have done.

Take stock of where you are and look back on what you've achieved.

13. Celebrate your successes!

Use them as motivation to continue moving forward towards achieving your exciting future.

By following these 13 steps, I hope you can turn your excitement about the future into actionable steps towards achieving your dreams.

Don't let that excitement overwhelm you - channel it into something positive and take the first step towards making your dreams a reality.