BIGBrave has its roots in television production, and anyone who has ever been part of the television industry will know that it pulls hard. There is always the longing to return and be part of the magic that is creating content that can be enjoyed by many. So when we had the opportunity to create a studio game show that used the power of the Unity gaming engine as well as our knowledge of the television environment we leapt at it.

How it developed

BIGBrave has a close partnership with Shine Interactive and we have built many game mechanics for channels such as VIA on the Multichoice’s, DSTV platform. The formats of the channels ask for cost effective streamlined productions, and the realtime HD graphics the are generated means turnaround to broadcast is reduced and provides the ability to shoot multiple episodes a day.

Why we got so Excited

The mechanics! Getting an idea to work in studio is always easier said than done, but when you get it right it’s awesome! We get to integrate real world elements with the power of digital. With the advancement in graphics technology we have been able to enhance productions we are a part of and add value to the format enjoyed by viewers in their homes. Whether it’s a fastest finger first buzzer system or integration into a scale system the auto generates beautiful in studio HD graphics, with lighting and audio cues. (Die Super Skool, Is That A Fact, Die Kliek, Million Rand Money Drop, BlitsBrein)

We believe in engaging content.

At BIGBrave we strive to design engaging content, TV game shows fit into this vision. At some point or another we have all shouted at the TV when a game show contestant got something incorrect or made a mistake, we aspire to the opportunity to have our shot as we play along at home.

Let’s collaborate

We work closely with production companies to make sure that the games aren’t just visually appealing and engaging but effective as well. We ensure that the game mechanic fits into and supports the production in terms of streamlined workflows and ease of use during the filming of episodes.

If you would like more information or to setup a meeting where we can discuss the opportunity of working with you on your next production, corporate event or activation – please contact us:


Season 1 and 2 of the fast paced quiz show on the VIA Channel in the DSTV Multichoice Bouquet.


Die Kliek season 5 was awarded a SAFTA for Best Game Show in 2017, and are now in their 7th season of the hit TV dating show.


Snotkop hosted the high energy quiz show for season 1 of the VIA game show.


Comedian Chris Forrest presents this celebrity focused talk / game show.