I have spent many of my formative years in business questioning why things were done a certain way. Perhaps it was the precocious nature of youth, or the arrogant confidence brought about by naivety and ignorance, or perhaps it was just the way my generation had begun to have our “awakening”, our own “renaissance”, a generation that searches for the solution rather than dwelling on the problems.

Whatever it was I was inquisitive and would do my best to try and understand not just what I was tasked with, but also what the person before me was tasked with and what the person after me did with what I had done. I did this in the hopes that I could help improve the overall quality and efficiency of what it was we were doing.

I suppose on a subconscious level I was training my brain to equip me to be able to deal with the coming change, and I am glad it did. I am also glad to admit that my inquisitive nature hasn’t really disappeared in fact with all the “mind amplifying” tools we have access to, through our ubiquitous smart phones, tablets and laptop computers, it has been honed and ready to absorb new information and new ways of doing things.

“Blessed is the person who sees the need, recognizes the responsibility and actively becomes the answer.” – William Arthur Ward

I have heard too often the tired whines of people who aren’t able to deal with the overwhelming amount of information available at the moment. People who don’t know what to do with all of this information that comes across as useless clutter rather than the valuable resource it is.

The fact is that some people focus so much on the problem that they can’t see the solution, and perhaps never will without help. It is not that these people are all necessarily afraid of change, they just have no Idea what is required from them in order to make any sort of change, the first step is more of a leap into the unknown, a leap of faith.

Like my years at university studying a dynamic and completely changing syllabus of ideas and methodologies, the information provided to me may as well have been in another language, what I did learn at university was how to think about business and the information related to it, a new way of creating tools in my mind that will help me to discern what is relevant information and what isn’t.

So after years of working and learning in countries like South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, The UK, Zambia and Mauritius and through my many other travels which I have been privileged enough to experience to other countries I have learnt this…


Elaboration to follow in next blog post.