At BIGBrave we decided that 2015 would be the year of awesome!

“But what is awesome, how do we get it and how can Big Brave help us?”

Well we’re glad you asked! Don’t let technology lead the way, see something you would like, assess how it could help you and keep pushing for ways to make it awesome.

Here are a couple of thoughts, from us, about what is awesome in the world of engaging content and digital solutions.


Awesome doesn’t happen by accident, it is planned and executed with excellence. If you start out trying to achieve something awesome and maintain that focus you can only move closer to your goal. A few things to consider about intentional awesomeness:

  • Where will the awesome be? (Exhibit/ Retail/ Office/ Web/ App)
  • Who is the awesome for? (Brand/ Product/ Service)
  • Who needs to be awed? (Trade/ Customer/ Judges)
  • What will the awesome give back? (Recognition/ Information/ Sales)


Content needs to be attractive so that you can get the attention of your intended audience. Sometimes less is more and sometimes more is more; it’s about deciding what is right for you and making it as effective as possible.


Design trends are heading towards a more visual digital experience, through the web, mobile devices and in gaming. Having the viewer/ engager feel like they are immersed in your awesome content will allow the overall experience to be more effective.

If the experience is enjoyable, it will be memorable.


By providing the element of control to the viewer/ engager you help them explore your information in a way that keeps them engaged. If you are able to inform them during this process, this earned learning is retained a lot longer. The viewer/ engager are therefore more empowered to be able to share that information after the engaged experience has ended.


Whether your awesome content is being experience on the web, mobile device, touch screen or with gesture technology, or all of them, it is important that the experience suits the level of interaction. The user experience should not be hampered by the technology or medium of engagement.


Awesome Digital Experience should not only be executed for the sake of a good time, we encourage clients to look at opportunities to get valuable business information back from the execution of awesome. The information could be dipstick measure of traffic over time to gauge interest or it could be more detailed market research supported by interactive forms or responses based on preference. Basically your awesome should do something real for your brand/ product/ service.

Create Experiences that go passed the point of Engagement.

We look forward to the opportunity to meet with you and to exploring the opportunities of how we can add a level of awesome to your business.