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Augmented Reality (AR)
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We worked with Fuzzy Logic Studio to bring a touch of modernity to Darlington Libraries using modern day technology to experience the past in an interactive, fun and educational way.

The library had just completed a year-long renovation, which included an expansive montage that showcases key milestones in Darlington's rich history.



Their vision was to create an interactive and captivating augmented reality (AR) application that drew visitors into the library and highlighted the recent renovations, bringing Darlington’s history to life right in front of the eyes of their visitors. We said, "Say no more!" and got straight to work.

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Prioritising accessibility, we opted for a web-based application. This approach allowed visitors to engage with the AR experience effortlessly by scanning a QR code, eliminating the need for additional app downloads. We were excited to work with Three.js for the 3D rendering sections of this project.




The application features two distinct experiences that are connected to strategically placed QR codes throughout the library, inviting visitors to engage with the following unique AR elements:

Rub 2 Reveal: This interactive feature allows users to view historical images dating back to the early 1900s. Users can rub their screens to transition through time, seeing the library's evolution right up to the present day. The feature also includes a panoramic view, allowing users to explore these historical images in a 360-degree landscape by tilting their devices.

The Montage: Triggered by scanning a QR code on the library's mural, this part of the app brings to life 3D AR models of significant inventions from Darlington, like a locomotive and a plough. It also enriches the user's experience by providing detailed information about these inventions, offering insights beyond what they looked like.


It was an absolute pleasure working with you and your team on this project. Thank you. Client has expressed satisfaction on numerous occasions and also an intention to do further work with us in the future.

  • Harvey Trent - Director of Fuzzy Logic Studio

Our collaboration with Fuzzy Logic Studio in creating this AR experience for the Darlington Library helps to blend historical education with modern technology. This project not only succeeded in attracting more visitors to the library but also offered an interactive and educational journey through Darlington's history. By integrating advanced web-based AR technology, we've set a new personal benchmark in enhancing public spaces with digital innovation, something that we are super proud of! This initiative underlines our commitment to designing solutions that don’t just look good but are also entertaining, engaging and empowering. And in this case, that creates a deeper connection between the community and their cultural heritage!