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Championing Avian Conservation: The Wild Bird Trust's Vision

We are a sucker for BIG dreams and when Wild Bird Trust, one of our long-standing clients, came to us with their BRAVE mission, we knew we had to be a part of it! Founded on a profound respect for nature and a commitment to sustainable practices, the Wild Bird Trust has always been at the forefront of avian conservation. Rooted in the belief that every bird species plays a vital role in the health of ecosystems, the Trust has dedicated itself to preserving these natural habitats. By focusing on birds as ambassadors for environmental health, the Trust has emphasised the importance of biodiversity and ecological balance, aligning with their broader mission of protecting natural landscapes and promoting sustainable living.



Building a Global Community: Beyond Social Media to Scientific Contribution

Now this is where it gets pretty exciting! At the heart of the Trust's strategy was the establishment of a robust online presence, initially fostered through an impressive Facebook community of bird enthusiasts. This digital space flourished, attracting over 1.1 million followers and becoming a central hub for sharing bird photography from around the world. The Trust's ambition, however, extended way beyond social media engagement. The Wild Bird Trust aimed to transform this community into a global, interactive platform, leveraging these photographs for scientific research and conservation efforts. The goal was to create a living bird atlas, empowering photographers to contribute to a greater understanding of avian species and their habitats, thus driving forward the Trust's mission of ecosystem preservation. How friggin cool is that? We couldn't wait to make it a very real reality!




Strategy and Execution

Our approach to developing the Wild Bird Revolution platform was systematic and user-focused. Inspired by their courageous vision, we began with the development of the app and its accompanying marketing materials. A beta phase, involving a select group of experienced birders, provided critical feedback that shaped the platform's evolution. Post-launch, the platform experienced a steady flow of user engagement. However, in alignment with shifting priorities and resource allocation, the Trust decided to unfortunately decommission the platform… for now! The hope is to revisit this innovative project in the future and make it even better than what was initially dreamt up!




Measuring Impact: Insights and Achievements

Throughout its lifetime, the platform achieved significant engagement, with 40,000 unique visitors and over 10,000 bird sightings reported by 1,000 users from diverse locations worldwide. These metrics not only demonstrate the platform's reach and user engagement but also highlight its potential as a tool for global bird conservation efforts. We are holding our thumbs and crossing our fingers that the platform will come back to life bigger, better and even braver than before! Watch this space!


My collaborations with BIGBrave span a wide range of industries, and I continue to have the privilege of doing so. …It's not just about creating a product with BIGBrave; it's about creating a vision that goes beyond expectations. Their approach doesn't revolve around aesthetics or functionality alone but rather combines design elements with user experience and strategic thinking. In our case, it was a complete digital experience that captivated our audience and effectively communicated the essence of our brand to them. ... I can recommend BIGBrave to anyone that wants the extraordinary!

- Lisa Matthews: YPO

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